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Offgrid Solar Energy System
Off Grid systems are typically used in remote applications where utility power is not available. It is independent from the utility grid. Solar power generated is stored in batteries for use after sundown, a generator can also be used for back-up. The off grid inverter is a three-in-one system, integrating the controlling of battery charging/discharging, inverting and load dumping.

How the Offgrid Solar system works?
- The solar panels convert sunlight to DC(Direct Current) electricity
- DC electricity flows via the regulator that prevents the batteries overcharging
- The Control board controls DC and AC power and houses the switching and circuit protection devices.
- The inverter changes the battery DC power into 240V alternating current(AC) ready to be used in the home.
- The Battery bank allows you to collect energy during the day and store it untill you need to use it. These can be installed either inside the house or in an external battery shed.
- A generator may be used as a backup in cloudy conditions.

Control Function::
The controller regulates AC & DC output of generator to charge the batteries. The controller will charge the battery until it becomes full. To protect the batteries, the controller will buzz and cut off the batteries out-put circuit if they are over discharged or battery voltage reach the controller set point.

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