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GridTied Solar Energy System
Electricity from the solar panels is converted into supply suitable for domestic appliances via a separate component called an invertor. whenever the system produces more power than is being used, the surplus is fed into the mains grid. Depending on Discom and location, you could be paid for every kilowatt hour of surplus electricity your solar system feeds into the grid. when your solar system isnot producing energy - for example at night - the electricity is supplied by the mains power grid, as usaual.

The solar PV power plant consists of solar panels that generate DC power. The DC power is fed to the Inverter for conversion to AC power. Synchronization arrangements effected through electronics provided in the Inverter ensure adequate synchronization of the power supply with Grid. These systems are used at locations where constant power is maintained through use with Grid (Electricity Connection), DG Sets or any other alternate source. DC power generated by the solar panels is fed to the Inverter and AC power is obtained as output. During the daytime the solar modules generate solar electricity and keep feeding the Inverter. Grid-connected PV systems are designed to operate in parallel with and interconnected with the electric utility grid. The primary component in grid-connected PV systems is the inverter.

How the Grid Solar system works?
- Solar panels directly convert sunlight into direct current(DC) electrical energy.
- The inverter converts the solar DC power into 240V alternating current (AC) ready to be fed back into the grid or used in your home.
- AC power from the inverter goes through the switchboard for use in your home.
- The meter records the energy sent to the grid from your solar system as well as the energy consumed from the grid.
- Any surplus electricity being generated simply flows through into the mains grid for use elsewhere..

Automatic Inverter Operation:
The system automatically 'wakes-up' in the morning and starts feeding in power. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) circuits within the inverter extract the maximum available power from the solar array and feed it to the power requirement. If the grid voltage and/or frequency go out of the window, the inverter immediately isolates from the grid. The inverter reconnects after a pre-determined time when the grid is back within the window.

Monitoring Systems:
All Inverters are equipped with the instrumentation and data collection devices needed to view and monitor performance. Total power generated by the Solar system can be reviewed anytime. Data available to the customer on Inverter screen includes: kWh (AC) output from Inverter, kWh (AC) output from entire plant, Power output from plant, Incident solar radiation in the plane of the array, Incident solar radiation in the horizontal plane, Ambient Temperature, Module Temperature, Inverter Voltage, Inverter Current, Inverter Fault codes.

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