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Wealth Solar Energy Power Solutions
Corporate Office:
Innovative Legend Heights,
Opposite Wet n Wild Resort,
Sector 80, NH-8 Gurgaon.
Haryana - 122004




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Open access Power:
Open access model

Solar Renewable Energy through open access.
Open Access allows consumers to purchase electricity directly from power generators or energy exchanges. This increases the competition in the market and it ultimately benefits the consumers. Open Access bridges the gap between Deficit energy and Surplus energy. This not only reduces staggering but also improves the electricity distribution scenario.

- Reduced per unit cost of Electricity compared to your current bill
- No Capex investment by Consumer
- long-term PPA with 100% Assurance
- Clean Energy

Who can avail solar renewable power through open access?
Any consumer having contract demand >= 1 megaWatt can avail solar renewable power through open access.

Benefits of open Access model:
- Low energy tariff
- Low/ exempted open access charges on renewable energy by state govt.
- No investment by consumer except new Energy Meter (ABT Meter)
- Assured savings in monthly electricity bills for next 25 years.
- Meets RPO requirement

What's next:
Call Wealth Solar Energy and get proposal for savings and Sign PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with wealth solar energy and start enjoying savings on your electricity bills.

Our scope:
- Invest, design, supply, install, commission, operate and maintain ground based Utility Scale Solar Park*.
- Laisoning work related to OA solar Power for consumer:
- Intimation to State DISCOM
- Supply and Installation of ABT Meter and CT/PT
- Monthly Bill Settlement with State DISCOM

Customer Base:
Solar power is being traded across India by a number of industries through open access, which include the Pharma Industry, Textile Industry, Steel Industry, Paper Industry, Metal Industry, and others.

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