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Wealth Solar Energy Power Solutions | Help Desk +91 8930-144-144 Solar Energy Power System for Agricultures, Colleges, Factories, Farms, Homes, Hospitals, Industries, Institutions, Offices, Residential or Commercials Building, Schools, Warehouses and Large Scale commercial Businesses Wealth solar

Wealth Solar Energy Power solution
Corporate Office
Innovative Legend Heights,
Opposite Wet n Wild Resort,
Sector 80, NH-8 Gurgaon.
Haryana - 122004




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Save on power bills by switching to solar energy power system | Switch to Wealth Solar now:
In peak summer, power cuts become a norm. Frequent hikes in tariff also don't help. What can help is shifting to solar power energy system. It will not only trim your power bills, but you will also be subsidised by the government, which will bear 30% of the cost. You bag credits for power produced in excess as well. We are here at Wealth Solar tells you how to get started and how much you stand to gain. The difference between your energy consumption and excess power sent back to the grid is calculated every month. The excess energy is credit to your account by your grid through net metering. To know more, How its work ? visit: On grid solar energy system .
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