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Wealth Solar Energy Power Solutions | Help Desk +91 8930-144-144 Solar Energy Power System for Agricultures, Colleges, Factories, Farms, Homes, Hospitals, Industries, Institutions, Offices, Residential or Commercials Building, Schools, Warehouses and Large Scale commercial Businesses Wealth solar

Wealth Solar Energy Power Solutions
Corporate Office:
Innovative Legend Heights,
Opposite Wet n Wild Resort,
Sector 80, NH-8 Gurgaon.
Haryana - 122004




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Flexible Payment Options:

It's a 100% cash/bank transaction. | you can avail of a loan from non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). The interest rate for the solar energy power system installation varies from 14-18% per annum.

Looking to finance the cost of solar panels? We offer solar PPA (power purchase agreement), Solar Loans, and Full system purchases. Qualify for a loan through one of our lending partners or secure a home equity loan or line of credit through the bank of your choice.

Opex | Zero Investment | Zero-Capex Model:

Wealth Solar provide Rooftop Solar Plants at ZERO CAPEX (Zero Investment), the client does not have to pay the initial investment; Client pays per unit rate for the electricity generated by the plant, which is cheaper than the current Grid Price.

Wealth Solar is a dedicated distributed (rooftop) solar power developer catering to industrial and commercial clients. Our clients include manufacturing organisations across Automotive, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Pharma, Foods etc. and commercial establishments like Educational institutes, Hospitals & Healthcare, Office buildings, Malls etc.

Wealth Solar business proposition is Solar Power with Zero Capital, No Maintenance and Guaranteed Savings from Day 1.

Wealth Solar team works on the Opex/BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) model:

The major features of our business model are:

Wealth Solar set up on-site solar power plants (on rooftops, as carports, on grounds and/or on superstructures). These plants integrate seamlessly with the clients’ existing grid and/or DG system

The solar plants are set up entirely on our own cost and are also maintained by us throughout the project term. Wealth Solar enters into a long term (15-25 years) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with its clients. At the end of the PPA term, the plant is transferred free of cost (usually INR 1) to the client.

As the minimum life of the solar plant is 25 years, the client usually enjoys at least 5-10 years of free electricity from the solar plant.

The electricity price for solar power is agreed for the entire PPA period at the beginning of the agreement. This price is always lower than the client’s existing grid tariff, ensuring continuous savings to the client throughout the PPA term. Wealth Solar bills its clients every month on the basis of actual energy generated by the solar plant. This ensures that the entire performance risk is borne by us as we only get paid for what we generate.

We ensure that our solar plant has a 99%+ Uptime

We undertake stiff plant performance targets and agree to compensate the client if such targets are not met.

Please provide below mention details required to proceed further with any commercial proposal.

1. Electricity Bill of the past couple of months.
2. Avg. No of hours for which the DG runs in a month.
3. Longitude and Latitude of the facility.
4. Shade free area available on Rooftop.
5. Shade free area available on Ground.
6. No days for which the facility is off (Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays).
7. Load on the holidays.

If possible send us the scanned copies of your electricity bills. write to our Helpdesk:

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